China Develops Unique Operating Valve For Strong Acid Medium
China Researches and Develops Unique World Operating Valve For Strong Acid Medium

Recently, the special valve which was developed by No.11 Institute of Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group for Shen Hua Group has passed the inspection.

It becomes the unique world valve which can be used under the limit of 160 degree strong acid medium working condition. The technology has reached to the international advance level.

This valve applies in the industry system for the extraction of Aluminum Oxide from coal ash. This system needs to use a large quantity of valves to control the acid fluid medium, so the valves should be high resistance in high temperature and hydrochloric acid corrosion and high anti-washout. This is the world`s difficult problem and restrain the development of the industry of the extraction of Aluminum Oxide by the acid way.

In the recent years, the No.11 Institute endeavors in the valve field and achives several advanced technology breakthroughs. In the manned flight task of Shenzhou 11 and Tiangong 2, the company is in charge of the development of the key valve and pump products in the thermal control and environmental control. It realizes the ability in driving,control and adjustment of the thermal control and environmental control fluid loop.

By tackling key technical problems, No.11 Institute overcome the key technology of the high temperature pinch valve in the extraction of the Aluminum Oxide from the coal ash. In our understanding, the pinch valve valve has the special advantage in the transporting of the solid and fluid of erosion and abrasion material which include powder, fiber, particle and mucilage. It has a wide application future in the area of mining industry, metal industry, mineral processing industry, pulp and paper industry,chemical processing industry, energy industry and so on. The successful development of the valve will lay the solid foundation of the industry production and the demand of different specification and usage of the control valves in the solution of extraction of Aluminum Oxide from coal ash.