Common Valve Problems 1

Common Valve Problems 1

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1 Why using desalinated water medium will shorten the service life of rubber lined butterfly valve and fluorine diaphragm valve?
With low concentrations of acid or base, desalinated water medium have a large corrosion on rubber and lower its performance, such as expansion, aging and low intensity. Later, rubber lined diaphragm valve has improved its corrosion resistance, but the diaphragm will be easily broken after folding ups and downs, resulting in mechanical damage and finally shortening its service life.

2 Why a shut-off valve should choose hard seal?
Shut-off valve is required to have smaller leakage rate. Soft sealing valve can meet this requirement and have good cutting effect. But this kind of valve doesn’t have good reliability and abrasive resistance. When we combine these two double standards, hard seal shut-off valve is superior.

3 Why sleeve valve is failed to replace single, double valve?
Came out in the 1960s, sleeve valve has got wide application in the 1970s at home and abroad. At that time, a lot of people believed that sleeve valve would replace single, double seat valve and become the second-generation products. However, at present, things are somehow quite different. Though sleeve valve have better stability, its weight and leakage index are consistent with single, double seat valve, so finally, these three kinds of valves have got the same application.

4 Why selection is more important than calculation?
Compared with calculation, selection is more important and complex. Since calculation is just a simple formula, which in itself is not the accuracy of the formula, but the preciseness of the given parameters. Actually, a little careless would lead to improper selection, which will not only cause the waste of manpower, material and financial resources, but also affect its function and lead to a number of problems, such as reliability, service life and running quality.

5 Why piston actuator will be more and more used in pneumatic valve?
For pneumatic valve, piston actuator can take advantage of air pressure to make its size smaller and get greater thrust.
Common Valve Problems