Different Evolution between Valve & Pump Industrial

Different Evolution between Valve & Pump Industrial

1) Valve industrial is in a vast marketing growing space which however also in the fierce competition of the market, accordingly, valves suppliers are the good and bad intermingled. A valve enterprise which has successful production, could be more possibly a professional valve manufacturer. 

It is not a plenty of valves manufacturers in a large production, actually, individual valves workshops are more commonly in the market. Most of valves manufacturers are eager to enlarge their own factory scale, but the truth is that it is harder than they know about, because it is different for them to give consideration to both long-term and immediate interests, therefore, what they did is like wasting of energy but gaining just a few of their origin purpose.

2) The unit price of valves is much lower than pumps’, moreover, due to the total value is not equal to the numerous quantity so that the cost of maintaining and administration would be much higher.

3) Valves manufacturers are not related to each other, mostly concern themselves only about the benefits, tending to hold down prices in the industrial competition. The valves guild exists in name only, they pay more attention to earn profit as more as they could. No exact direction or destination for guiding the whole valves industry in a forward developing, so it is really rough to become a promising industry.

4) Valves sale mainly depends on their commission agents, thus, in the one hand, it does not require much technical skill, there is no complicate process, or other outstanding features, in the another hand, most commission agents are not trained before employment, they have low literacy level to some extent in doing this job, moreover, they are dispersed and disunity. 
However, in pump industry, they are used to make a detailed plan in the earlier stage, they complete technical proposal, for sale, they prefer direct selling by branch office which is more integrated than valves sale.