Monthly Activity-Hiking

Monthly Activity-Hiking

To break up monotony at work and arrive at a balance between sedentary lifestyle and physical health, monthly activity is organized on the first Friday of every month.

When the first Friday of August is due, it is exactly the date for outdoor activity again. We decide to hike 10 km this time.

The hike tour commences at 4 pm and lasts about 4 hours. 8 hikers of us take a detour around the outskirts of Xiamen, walking on wet country roads without pavements, through a wetland park with a wooden bridge-formed maze, quiet yacht clubs, crowded beach, magnificent bridge and shady tree-lined sidewalk.

Toward the end of the day, we feast on a big seafood dinner. How great it is!

After shaking off exhaustion, we are convinced that this kind of organized exercise helps combat sitting disease or inactivity, keep us healthy and increase rapport among colleagues. We all love it.