Wenzhou pump & valve entering the smart industry

Wenzhou pump & valve entering the smart industry

At the beginning of this year, the NB-loT Smart Pump & Valve Industry Alliance and Smart Pump & Valve Innovation Lab were established in Wenzhou. The Alliance and Innovation Lab was led by the National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation of Zhejiang University, and brought together Huawei Technologies, Fuzhou IOT Open Laboratory and Wenzhou System Process Equipment Research Institute. "In love with" NB-loT this information and the most cutting-edge technology of the Internet of things, the city's valve industry is sending out a new vitality.

The Pump & Valve is one of the five traditional pillar industries in our city, and the industry scale is the country's leading. In 2016, the industry's total industrial output value reached 32.7 billion RMB, accounting for about 22% of the same industry in the country; the number of companies on the regulation was 234, accounting for about one-third of the country's total. The industrial division of labor is integrated. Wenzhou valve is the most complete production base of the five valve production bases in the industry chain. Currently, there are more than 200 related supporting enterprises including roughcasting, forging, valve driving devices, valve stems, spheres and standard parts.

In the new round of industrial reforms, how will the traditional manufacturing industry of pump and valve industry reconfigure its role and orientation? In the grand strategy of "Made in China 2025", how will the Wenzhou valve and valve industry be fully connected? A few days ago, the City Economic and Information Technology Commission issued the "Planning and Improvement of Pump & Valve Manufacturing Industry (2018-2020) (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" to fully plan the blueprint for the development of the pump and valve industry in our city.

Case:  Takes Large Order with Standard Advantage 
Yongjia is known as the "Hometown of Pump & Valves in China" Not only are there a large number of pump and valve companies but they are also strong. At present, the county has developed more than 1,100 large and small related companies, and in different segments, Companies rely on leading-edge products to take the lead and dominate the branch.
Holding the fist product and standing on the commanding heights should benefit from Yongjia's valve industry's ability to grasp the industry's right to speak through the "standardized +" path. As early as a few years ago, Yongjia County's pump and valve industry set off a wave of participation in national and industry standards development. A group of traditional pump and valve companies transformed their technological advantages into standard advantages, and they stood out from the industry and won large quantities of orders. Develop new competitive advantages.  

Baoyi Group achieved a major breakthrough in ultra-low temperature valves and related testing devices and cryogenic technology through technological innovation. Under the leadership of the National Valve Standards Committee, it won the right to draft the first international standard for China's valve industry; Qiu Xiaolai, Chief Engineer of Ultramax Valves Co., Ltd. Has participated in the formulation or revision of 101 national standards, industry standards, Wenzhou enterprises in the field of valves for the country to win the right to speak, Chao Da Valve with excellent product quality in one fell swoop in the Malaysian national oil company bidding for hundreds of millions of orders Jingjia Valve Group has successively made and revised 15 valve industry standards such as the national standard for urban construction industry hydraulic control valves and the marine industry standard butterfly valves for ships. Several of these standards have been formulated to fill gaps in the domestic shipping industry.    

 Those who get the standard have the world. The data show that since 2013, the Yongjia County Pump & Valve industry has added 54 new standards for system revision, including 12 national standards and 33 industry standards; a total of 110 valve standards have been developed and revised, accounting for about a tenth of the country's total number of valve standards. one. With the fulcrum of "standardization +", Yongjia Zheng is constantly inciting pump and valve companies to make strides toward high-end.

Goal: Technological transformation investment grows at an average annual rate of more than 10%
At present, the city's Pump & Valve industry is gradually improving its ability to innovate, and some companies have successfully "knocked" the "gates" of military, nuclear power, environmental protection and supercritical thermal power units. For example, Chaoda and Founder have become strategic partners for Shell. supplier. However, the drawbacks of the leading enterprises in the pump and valve industry that are not strong, the industrial base is still weak, and the elemental support is not perfect are still not to be overlooked.

In this regard, the city proposed that by 2020, the quality and efficiency of the valve and valve industry, the product structure, the level of intelligence, the ability to independently innovate, and the supporting capacity of key basic components will be significantly improved. Further consolidation and enhancement of the Wenzhou Pump & Valve will become important national system process equipment, innovative design and manufacturing base.   

Specifically, in the three years, the labor productivity of the above-scale enterprises will increase by an average of 8% per year, the investment in technological transformation will increase by an average annual growth rate of more than 10%, and the company will cultivate one leading company with over one billion RMB, and five companies with over five billion RMB. Two provincial-level (key) enterprise research institutes, five provincial-level enterprise technology centers (research and development centers), and a municipal-level manufacturing innovation center have been added. At the same time, accelerating the convergence and expansion, the penetration rate of digital R&D design tools of key enterprises reached 70%, the numerical control rate of equipment reached 45%, and the networking rate of machine equipment reached 35%.  
Measures:  Smart "light up" high-end
Understand the situation, analyze short boards, benchmark the progress, and aim at the goal. The future development path of the Wenzhou valve and valve industry is becoming clear - the direction of development is "high-end, intelligent, green, and international", with technological innovation, and enterprises. Cultivating, smart manufacturing, open development, and brand building are the key points for development. With the goal of "building a first-rate enterprise and producing first-class products", we will strive to build a national leading Pump & Valve industry base.   

Technological innovation is the soul of the industry. The valve and valve industry will focus on promoting the construction of a technological innovation system and promote the development of first-rate products. Focusing on national major technical equipment support, aiming at advanced international and domestic first-rate targets, we will develop first-class products that can completely replace foreign imports, and focus on supporting key technologies in the key common links of industrial chains such as special materials, high-parameters, intelligent control, and complete equipment integration. Grasp the core technology, open up the industrial development technology chain, and promote the industry to high-end development. 

Smart manufacturing is necessary equipment. The pump and valve industry will promote the integration of new sensing technologies, industrial software, intelligent control, and industrial Internet in Pump & Valves, and develop integrated inspection, sensing, processing, diagnostics, and monitoring through network applications, system integration, and complete set design, implementation and other functions into a set of smart process equipment. At the same time, a demonstration project of automation technology reform focusing on intelligent manufacturing was implemented to promote the development and application of industrial robots, intelligent numerical control machine tools, additive manufacturing and other technologies in the production of Pump & Valves, and to improve the automation level of the production process.