Stock, Stocks for Regular Type Valves
Dervos has annually ample stock for regular type products as the following.
-Cast steel (WCB) API600 gate valve from 2" to 12".
-Cast steel(WCB) BS1873 globe valve from 2" to 12".
-Cast steel(WCB) API6D/BS1868 swing check valve from 2" to 12".
-Forged steel(A105, F316L) API602 gate, globe, check valve from 1/2" to 2".
-Cast steel/forged steel API6D ball valve from 2" to 16".
If your requested valves type or diameter are not in our stock list, please contact us for detailed delivery time.
If you are interested to learn more information about our product, please check Product & Service on our website. Thanks for visiting.