The Difference between Y Strainer and Basket Strainer, How to Choose

The Difference between Y Strainer and Basket Strainer

flow path through Y strainer and basket strainer

A pipe strainer can capture and remove the impurities from the pipeline by interrupting the process flow with a perforated plate or screen mesh. Normally speaking, There are Y-strainer and basket strainer. In this article, we will talk about the differences between these two types of pipeline strainers.

The Y-strainer is designed to protect downstream from particles that are not frequently present in the applicaiton. That is to say Y strainer is more suitable for pipeline with a low concentration of particles, since its screen are smaller in storing dirt. However, a basket strainer could hold more particles because of its larger size of filtering part. Plus, if the pressure drop is not allowed in the pipeline, basket strainer is your better choice.

Y type strainer could be installed horizontally or vertically, while basket type strainer could only be installed horizontally.

Y pattern strainer could stand higher operation pressure than the basket pattern strainer.

Lastly, the basket pattern strainer is easier for cleaning. Since it is installed upright, you can remove the cap freely to clean the strainer. However, we have to install the Y strainer by making the strainer leg below the pipeline and point down. That means, when we remove the cover of the strainer, the particles could drain out right away. Thus, if the application do not requires a frequent cleaing and is environmentally safe, you can choose Y type strainer.

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