Welcome to Dervos “Bo Bing”Activity

Welcome to Dervos “Bo Bing”Activity

Annual Mid-Autumn Day is coming at the end of this month. It is the traditional festival in China and Chinese people celebrate it on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It's the time for family to celebrate and enjoy the full moon.

Dervos keeps the traditional activity "Bo Bing", it can also be translated to "fight for pie" in English. All the "Bo Bing" game requires six dices and a bowl. Just throw the dice into the bowl, and the different pips you get stand for different ranks of awards you will win.

The gambling game has six ranks of awards, which are named as the winners in ancient imperial examinations. The game has something to do with the number "four". In moon cake gambling, the pips for most ranks of the awards are related to this number. Xiamen people believe that the person, who wins "Zhuangyuan" in the game, will have good luck that year. And the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second important holiday in Xiamen besides Spring Festival.

Nowadays, the moon cakes are not the only kind of award. With the upgrade of people's living standards, daily necessities household appliances and even money can also be won.

Dervos will be celebrating this special festival on September, 29th, 2017. We have prepared many gifts for you. Come and join us in the next Friday.

Waiting for your joining, dear friends!

Bo Bing