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Gate Valve

Dervos provides high performance gate valve products, including Wedge gate valve, Pressure seal gate valve, Knife gate valve, Flat gate valve and Bellow seal gate valve.
Opening and closing part of gate valve is flashboard. Its direction of motion is perpendicular to the direction of fluid. The valve is usually used to cut off medium. The entire flow channel is a straight-through passage when the valve is fully open, and the pressure loss of medium running is minimum. Gate valve is usually divided into several types by seal part mode, such as: wedge gate valve, plate gate valve, parallel 2-flashboard gate valve, wedge 2-flashboard gate valve. Gate valve is usually used under some working conditions in which the valve is not opened or closed frequently, and supports flashboard fully open or fully closed. It's not suitable for adjustment or throttling. Various materials may be selected for transportation of water, steam, oil, natural gas, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidant and urea.